The Giving Process

Thank you for considering a gift to KSWP, KAVX and Lufkin Educational Broadcasting Foundation (LEBF). You are supporting the Vision/Mission of Serve, Share and Connect at KSWP and KAVX! You gifts makes a difference in lives daily. In the last 12 months over 4900 people have ask for prayer, 516 of those made decisions to accept Christ as their Savior. It’s donors just like you who make that happen!

Make A Difference, Make A Gift Now

Monthly Operating Fund

Special Impact Project

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EZ-Giving – Gifts Paid by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer aka Bank Draft or Direct Debit Deposit)

  • Monthly Gifts Paid by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) also called Direct Debit (Our preferred method with the least cost to process.)
  • Monthly gifts paid by Electronic Funds Transfer/Direct Debit can be processed on either the fifth or the nineteenth of the month, as you direct us. Please include a check made payable to LEBF/KSWP/KAVX for the first month’s gift, as well as a second, voided check showing the date you prefer for your EFT/Direct Debit monthly gift.
  • EFT monthly gifts directed to Special Projects are debited each month either the fifth or the nineteenth of the month, as you direct us. It will continue until the gift is completed. EFT monthly gifts directed to Operations are considered sustaining gifts, and will continue until you tell us to change or discontinue your monthly commitment. Your gift will automatically be processed on the fifth or nineteenth (whichever you chose